Dr. Mikael Isaksson
CEO and founder


Expert signal processing, system engineering, management and market & sales. Worked at Telia Research 1989-2001, founded UpZide in 2001 and been CEO ever since. Mikael has been in leadership roles since mid 90’s, but have always performed engineering in parallel. Active in VDSL standardization (ITU SG15/Q4, ANSI T1E1.4, ETSI TM6) between 1995 and 2003.

Mikael’s innovation track record is fairly impressive, more than 30 patents in the field of radio and VDSL. His key innovations is today a central part of the VDSL standard. In 2004, he was awarded Honorary Doctor by the Universitly of Lund.

Göran Ökvist
Founder and Systems Expert


Senior system engineer with extensive experience in R&D, from system engineering to efficient and product oriented product management.

Background in the Swedish armed forces, project manager of national and international projects, site manager Telia Research, CTO Upzide Labs, worked/lead engineering at STMicroelectronics, Huawei, IMC, Samsung etc.

Hans Öhman
Founder and Systems Expert


Expert system engineering, focus on layer 1 & 2 simulator design and algorithm realization on DSP extension/implementation (Tensilica).
Worked at Ericsson and Telia since 1980, joined Marratech AB as Product Development Manager 1998-2005, a Java based desktop conferencing company, later acquired by Google. Since then has been with the UpZide group, during the fabless era and lately as system expert working with international tier-one customers. Hans is frequently involved in market & sales activities, and is blessed with a gifted strategic mind.

Bo Engström
Senior Expert


Senior expert in the areas of layer 1 and 2 system and simulator development. Worked with signal processing in the areas of seismics and prototyping of communication systems for Geophysical company of Norway, Telia Research and Ericsson during the eighties and nineties.
Joined Upzide in 2001 and has been deeply involved with development of Upzides VDSL software and software and simulator design for generation 2, 3 and 4 mobile telecommunications systems.

Dr. Frank Sjöberg
Senior Expert

FrankExpert signal processing and algorithms, with long experience in the communication field.

Frank has worked with baseband algorithm and simulator development for a multitude of market leading companies, and has experience from the 3GPP standards (GSM/WCDMA/LTE) as well as wireline communication (xDSL).


Dr. James LeBlanc
Senior Expert

James Signal Processing Engineer with a focus on communications systems. Extensive development and research experience within multinational projects, corporations, and consulting. Roughly 10 years industrial experience (DSP hardware and software implementation, as well as algorithm
analysis). Has held Chaired Professor of Signal Processing at Luleå Technical University during his additional 15+ years academic/industrial/consulting experience.

Dr. John Massingham
Senior Expert


John has wide experience in both hardware and software aspects of embedded systems and SoC design for numerous application areas. He is a specialist in custom DSP processor design for multi core and many core systems whether they be heterogeneous or homogeneous, but more typically a mixture of both depending on the subsystem partitioning. He has a history of getting projects finished and out the door on time.

Gunnar Bahlenberg
Senior Expert


Telecom’s veteran, been in the R&D business since 1979. Participated in the team that made the very first GSM call in 1989 at Televerket’s Radio Laboratory on an in-house built prototype. Expert in low-level software, board support, RTOS, DSP programming and customization, prototyping and standards implementation/interpretation.